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Express yourself through creative,
visual storytelling

A visual way to journal - The BioGraffs mini helps you gain insight and clarity! The BioGraffs mini will take you on a deep dive into yourself, and help you express your perspective to others.


. Are you finding it challenging to articulate your thoughts and emotions? Sometimes, the most significant aspects of our lives are the hardest to put into words. Imagine if there was an easier way. The BioGraffs Think-it-out, Talk-it-out toolkit is here to assist you. Leave words behind and truly tell your story with visual narrative exercises.


  • 180 wooden cubes
  • 6 Storyboard exercise cards
  • Step-by-step guide, and exclusive members-only online features.
  • You'll need paper and pen


Please allow 2 weeks for delivery as we work to make BioGraffs available more quickly. We appreciate your patience and understanding.



BioGraffs Mini

  • One of the best tools I've ever used as a relationship and sex therapist. My couples and individuals love this! I use it in my personal and professional life to support hard and complicated/fraught convos. -- Courtney, Sex Therapist


    BioGraffs is amazing! I have used them both personally and professionally. Personally, when I BioGraffed "grief", I was able to see clearly the reason I was "stuck" in my grief process. Immediately after completing the BioGraff I began to feel the flow of healing again. A very powerful experience! I now am excited to be able to offer this tool to my clients. Liz, Therapist


    BioGraffs is a really interesting process. You have to try it to see how well it works in finding a new way to communicate. I was skeptical until I tried myself -- Susan


    Fantastic resources for couples communication or as a way to guide group discussions. A really innovative approach to bringing people to the same page and letting everybody be heard! -- Tom


    My company hired BioGrafs to lead a company retreat. One word summarizes that experience: Amazing! Jennifer introduced BioGraffs and the team flew from there. Without reservation I recommend BioGraffs. -- Edwin


    Biograffs is an amazing tool for self discovery, understanding, and communication. Making my own graph really helped me know myself and advocate for myself better. I highly recommend! -- Veronica


Concrete Wall

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Watch this short video
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See it in action!

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