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You'll love the BioGraffs Way

A new way to express yourself through creative, visual storytelling

Designed especially for use by therapists and other helpers, this versatile and powerful tool is perfect for clinical work or for anyone seeking a powerful activity for insight and deeper conversations


One of the best tools I've ever used as a therapist. My couples and individuals love this! I use it in my personal and professional life to support hard and complicated/fraught convos. -- Courtney, Sex Therapist


Whether you're seeking personal growth, therapeutic support, or a powerful activity for deeper conversations, BioGraffs has you covered. 


  • 300 beautiful magnetic wooden cubes in 10 colors in a cloth bag
  • 2 magnetic whiteboards and pens
  • 8 Storyboard Style cards and sample sheets 
  • Two story-teller role cards
  • User quick-start guide to get you started quickly
  • In depth Manual "Using BioGraffs in a Clinical Setting" for comprehensive guidance
  • Access to an online resource of exercise prompts and Sequences for further inspiration and guidance


BioGraffs Mag Plus is currently on back-order. Get yours today to ensure you have one for delivery January,