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You'll love the BioGraffs Way

A new way to express yourself through creative, visual storytelling

Looking for a dynamic and engaging activity to enhance your workshops? Look no further! The BioGraffs Core Activity is designed to spark conversations, foster active listening, and create meaningful connections. Whether you specialize in couples intensives, group therapy, or corporate retreats, this activity is a must-have in your repertoire.


The basic kit features a non-magnetic version. For magnetic workshop packages, including magnetic wooden cubes and whiteboards, please contact for more information.


What's Included:

  • Cubes, Whiteboards, and Markers for 10 Participants: Engage up to 10 individuals simultaneously with the BioGraffs Core Activity. The kit provides all the necessary materials to facilitate a dynamic and interactive experience.

  • Visual Aids for Clear Explanation: Simplify the instructions and enhance participants' understanding with visual aids specifically designed for the activity. These aids ensure a smooth and seamless workshop experience.

  • Quick Start Guide and Online Manual: We provide comprehensive guidance through our Quick Start Guide and online manual, allowing you to quickly grasp the activity's concept and implement it effectively.

  • Slide show Presentation Support: Accompanied by a concise PowerPoint-style presentation, you'll have a ready-made tool to effectively explain the activity to your participants. Simplify the introduction and set the stage for a transformative workshop.

  • 30-Minute Personal Consultation: We understand the importance of tailoring the activity to your specific area of focus. That's why we offer a 30-minute personal consultation with our expert team. Benefit from their insights and adapt the BioGraffs Core Activity to meet your workshop goals.


Upgrade your workshops and create meaningful connections with the BioGraffs Mag Pro Core Activity. Contact us today at to inquire about our magnetic workshop package or to get more information.


Allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. We are working hard to get delivery times faster! Want to hear more before you join the movement? Schedule a free discovery call at

BioGraffs Therapy Workshop

  • Get in touch to customize a package to your individual needs