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Welcome to Sequences! 

Sequences are series of exercises specifically tailored and design for a wide variety of issues or situations. They include 3 to 8 exercises using your BioGraffs set or with the online tool. They are intended to use over several sessions, so you'll be asked to create an account so you can return to your program later.


Each exercise with give you a prompt for your BioGraff, walk you through creating the legend, suggestions on building your BioGraff, and questions for discussion with a partner, or for more introspection, plus takeaway thoughts to make your insights actionable.

We are adding Sequences all the time, as well as inviting guest teachers to design Sequences in their area of specialty.

For more information about using BioGraffs, you also have access to the BioGraff's Manual, written especially for the pro user.


Other useful pages include:

  • The Gallery - see examples and hear people talk about using BioGraffs

  • Title-picker - prompt suggestions organized by subject

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