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BioGraffs Bridges the Gap

Between Words and Understanding

Use on your own, or with your with a partner, friend, or family member;

or with a therapist, counselor, or life coach

Looking for introspection? This non-magnetic mini version of BioGraffs is powerful tool will help you gain a deeper understanding your lived experience and be better able to communicate your perspective to others. This will be something you reach for time and time again to work through issues, and understand yourself better. 

Designed for therapists, and amazing tool for anyone looking for clarity and connection. Let BioGraffs decode your feelings and you’ll each SEE what the other means. Turn your deep conversations into playful masterpiece. Good communication can be hard, with BioGraffs, it’s an art form.


For therapists and group facilitators - a customizable workshop activity to get people thinking deeply and talking. 

The BioGraffs method makes space for each person to be heard - brings out the shy ones, and reins in the over-talkers!

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