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BioGraffs Bridges the Gap

Between Words and Understanding

Use on your own, or with your with a partner, friend, or family member;

or with a therapist, counselor, or life coach

A more affordable version of BioGraffs, and non-magnetic. This versatile and powerful tool will help you gain a deeper understanding your life experiences and be better able to communicate your perspective to others. With two hundred beautiful wooden cubes, this will be something you reach for time and time again to work through issues, and understand better. It's even just a fun date night activity for deeper conversations!

Designed especially for use by therapists and other helpers, this versatile and powerful tool is perfect for clinical work, and also a powerful tool for individuals on their own journey of self-awareness and communication. 

Designed in a unique collaboration between therapists and a documentary editor, this is a communication tool like nothing you've seen before.

For therapists and group facilitators - a customizable workshop activity to get people thinking deeply and talking,

A drop-in university event in a box! Get your students thinking about and talking about important issues like their identity, their preferences and how to communicate in a healthy relationship.

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