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Virtual Visual Storytelling Tool

Get even more benefit and connection by getting your own IRL version of the physical game with the BioGraffs Mag Plus or BioGraffs Mini... 

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For best results, use a computer,

not a phone


BioGraffs is a new way of thinking about something important to you. It help you sort it out and think about it from a new perspective. It's a way to use different parts of your brain to process the story you want to tell. It’s an EXPERIENTIAL way of thinking -- creative, tactile, visual... (even more so with the IRL version!) 

Give yourself the freedom to explore meaning. Each color square will contain the meaning you give it. Arranging the squares will help you discover connections that you may not have seen before. 

Sharing what you make with another person gives you a new way to talk about a topic. The visual you created will guide your telling, like an outline. It invites curiousity from the listener, and give you a way to explain and expound, to share more of your meaning.

How to use the BioGraffs free online BioGraff-making tool

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Look through these BioGraffs that people have made with the physical version of BioGraffs - they might inspire you to explore the language of cubes to express your own meaning.


Many of these were made at one of the BioGraffs Interactive Art Installations put on between 2016 and 2020.


In some cases, the words that the cubes stand for have been removed -- use your imagination!

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