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BioGraffs board with magnetic cubes


Foster effective communication


Get people thinking and sharing. BioGraffs can be adapted to any group theme or workshop topic. People make a BioGraff individually based on a prompt you provide, then their creation serves as a visual talking stick that helps them share their perspective in a guided and contained way. 

It's a powerful activity for your couples' intensives workshop, where each couple can share their BioGraff with their partner for deep personal understanding of each others perspective.

It's a meaningful activity for students to work in groups. Give them a relevant prompt for your work with them - "What does consent look like for you?""Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" "What is a 'good life'?" "What makes you feel anxious?"

It's a way to bring out the storyteller in even your most reluctant student participants.

A BioGraffs workshop or group activity can be anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours, depending on your goals. Let us schedule a consultation call to tailor the activity to your goals, including all the materials you need. Use the contact form below.


Tired of silly ice-breaker activities on your corporate retreats? BioGraffs is a tool for therapists, but it's also a creative, and effective, way to bring your team together, get them thinking, and get them talking. The unique activity helps each person develop their own perspective pertaining to the particular challenges of your business. They create their own visual story with the BioGraffs cubes, and then use this visual aid to share their insights with their colleagues. 

What we've found on corporate retreats using this method is that it increases listening and empathy, and creates new perspectives. It's a productive exercise -- creative and thought-provoking -- but tailored specifically to your business and your goals. To get the outcomes you need.

It's a great way to have a productive meeting on company strategy. Sort out leaderships styles and issues. Brainstorm ways to unite the team. Bring the team together on new directions. Create bridges between departments.

The activity allows space for each team member to consider deeply their perspective. Then the activity creates a platform for each person to talk about their perspective. Brings the people who don't usually talk into the conversation. The "story" format creates a dynamic where people don’t want to interrupt the story - quieting interrupting or challenging. Listeners can see the arc of the story, so they don’t think every point is the conclusion to jump in on. The speaker continues to refer to their Graff as they talk which keeps their story in focus. 


Here's the psychology of what BioGraffs does:  Typically, communication is linear and only one idea can be talked about at a time; but people’s perspectives and ideas are complex, multi-layered, and in some ways contradictory. A tangential point sometime gets received with more weight than intended. The Graffs show the complexity of thought, the relationships between ideas and proportions. So people can talk about one “legend item” from their Graff, while showing visually its relationship to other ideas, along with hierarchies. Listeners can see the context as an important layer to the linear communication. It's like a talking stick but but more visual -- it's communicating in 3D.

A BioGraffs corporate retreat activity is typically two or three hours, best suited to teams under 20. Let us schedule a consultation call to tailor the activity to your goals. We'll get you the materials you need, provide you with a short powerpoint to illustrate the activity for your team, and conference in virtually to guide the activity at your next corporate retreat. Or let us do the work for you - our expert facilitators will manage all the materials and make this activity an important part of achieving your mission goals.


Have a listen to one corporate executive describe his teams experience doing BioGraffs at his company's corporate retreat. Then drop us a line to hear more.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together. Based on your needs, I'll personally help you design a BioGraffs activity for your group, and tailor a package of all the materials you need for a successful and impactful activity.

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