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Have Deeper Conversations with your Partner

Pick a topic about something in your lives together.

Think about what's meaningful to you.

Talk about it in depth and really hear each other's perspective. 

Think Deeply, Express Creatively,

Connect Authentically

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Are you ready to be better understood?


BioGraffs is 300 colored magnetic wooden cubes and 2 magnetic whiteboards.

The 8 storyboard cards guide you creating a graphic visualization of an important aspect of your life that's complicated to talk about.

Role cards help you both practice empathetic, active listening.

Exclusive online resources help you go deeper in the process.

Share your visual with someone close to you, so you understand each other better.

The BioGraffs Mag Plus kit

BioGraffs is for...

You can use BioGraffs for self-reflection
You can use BioGraffs to talk about your relationship
You can use BioGraffs for a fun date night
You can use BioGraffs in therapy
You can use BioGraffs to talk with friends and family
You can use BioGraffs in a workshop or corporate setting

The Think-it-out, Talk-it-out Toolkit

A totally unique way to have a conversation.  

Do you long to be better understood about some aspect of your life?

Are you struggling to communicate on difficult topics - maybe with a partner, with a family member or friend, even with your therapist? Some things are so hard to put into words.


What if you had a way to make it easier? What if you could get everything out and feel really understood?

Discover deeper conversations through the power of creative, visual storytelling and active listening.

BioGraffs is an extremely versatile and powerful tool to help you communicate on a deeper level, for greater connection. Get yours!


Here's what therapists say...

A picture of Reba Corrine Thomas, sex educator

Reba Corrine Thomas,
Sex Educator

What I love about this kit is that it helps people visualize. So it's like playing with blocks, but we're also able to express some deeply vulnerable themes in a really fun and what feels very safe way. It's my job to create a safe space where people feel safe and brave enough to express themselves vulnerably about their sex lives and pleasure preferences. This kit is great for that. ​ Anything that someone can have trouble talking about and navigating their feelings around, I think this kit is for right for. It's a way to frame our experiences, our present state of mind and how we feel in a way that's also super visual.

A picture of Dr. Miranda Morris, Psychologist

Dr. Miranda Morris,

I think of BioGraffs as sort of a metaphor -- a tangible and physical metaphor for understanding and talking about your experience, in a way that is separate from language. It's an invitation to communicate in a different way. When my clients use the blocks, they start representing their experience in a way that gets less caught up in that big mental tangle. It gets underneath a lot of unhelpful language and just gets people thinking about their experience. ​ I think invites a much more connected integrated way of contacting and communicating experience.

A picture of Joey Salvatore, Counselor

Joey Salvatore

What I really love about BioGraffs is this way that clients can use this tool to approach things that might otherwise be hard to describe or explain. It provides an added tool of safety around communication. That's really facilitative for people to take it out of space and then take that conversation to the other parties. So they get to practice having, you know, highlighting some of their values on things like what do I what do I feel about sex or what I feel about my body or how do I feel about how my depression takes me away from my life and to be able to provide vocabulary to that it empowers them so they can use that empowerment in their lives outside.

Here's what mental health professionals say...

You'll be surprised how clarifying it can be to think 

and talk with cubes

Check out what some of our customers have shared with us

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