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Let Your Thoughts Take Shape

BioGraffs is a unique
Think-it-out, Talk-it-out Toolkit


Think Deeply, Express Creatively, Connect Authentically

A man sits on a couch and looks troubled. Image by Nik Shuliahin via unsplash

Need Therapy Resources?

Find out how BioGraffs can be a resource for therapists to help you gain real breakthroughs for your clients

Share. Listen. Feel Heard.

Discover deeper conversations through the power of visual storytelling. Are you struggling to communicate on difficult topics - maybe with a partner, with a family member or friend, even with your therapist? Some things are so hard to put into words. What if you had a way to make it easier? What if you could get everything out and feel really understood?

BioGraffs can help. BioGraffs is an extremely versatile and powerful tool to help you communicate on a deeper level, for greater connection and understanding, to use for everything from a date night idea for couples to a resource for therapists. It will help you organize your thoughts and emotions into a visual story, allowing for a deeper understanding of your experiences and better communication with others. It works by guiding you through a process of turning what you want to say into visual image rich with metaphor and meaning, that you can then share with someone else in a way that captures their attention and opens them up to curiosity about your story. So you can both really listen, both really feel heard.

Do you long to be better understood about some aspect of your life?  

Our mission is to bridge the gap between words and understanding, unlocking the true power of effective communication. We are dedicated to helping individuals gain profound self-awareness and fostering the tools necessary for others to truly understand them. With our unparalleled and transformative tool, we revolutionize the way people connect, fostering deeper understanding and empathy in every interaction.

Communication is hard, and sometimes words feel so inadequate. Issues we are struggling with, things we are going through, who we are at a deep level, the way we relate to other people -- so many things are just too complex to really share completely. Maybe you feel there are just too many layers, and it's hard to even know where to begin. 

BioGraffs is a process of self-reflection through creating a visual narrative: you assign complex ideas in your head to low-context objects outside of your head: colored cubes. Then you manipulate the cubes into designs that are one step removed from words. Harness visual and spatial metaphors to communicate things that are hard to construct into sentences. Create meaning with how you relate the cubes to each other. 

Now you have an image that has organized your thoughts, and serves as a guide to sharing your experience with another person. Think of it as a game for building intimacy. You tell them what your BioGraff means, and what each color represents, and help them understand your perspective. It's a totally unique way of helping you connect with another person.

Use it with a partner to explore the intersection of your experience together.

Use it with your therapist so they better understand who you are.

The process is simple, but the potential is transformative. Two hundred colored cubes and a canvas. Eight visual storytelling style cards to guide you. An online resource of examples and an interactive prompt generator to help you decide how to make your first BioGraff.


Find out how BioGraffs can help you communicate complex parts of your experience.

A picture of Reba Corrine Thomas, sex educator

Reba Corrine Thomas,
Sex Educator

What I love about this kit is that it helps people visualize. So it's like playing with blocks, but we're also able to express some deeply vulnerable themes in a really fun and what feels very safe way. It's my job to create a safe space where people feel safe and brave enough to express themselves vulnerably about their sex lives and pleasure preferences. This kit is great for that. ​ Anything that someone can have trouble talking about and navigating their feelings around, I think this kit is for right for. It's a way to frame our experiences, our present state of mind and how we feel in a way that's also super visual.

A picture of Dr. Miranda Morris, Psychologist

Dr. Miranda Morris,

I think of BioGraffs as sort of a metaphor -- a tangible and physical metaphor for understanding and talking about your experience, in a way that is separate from language. It's an invitation to communicate in a different way. When my clients use the blocks, they start representing their experience in a way that gets less caught up in that big mental tangle. It gets underneath a lot of unhelpful language and just gets people thinking about their experience. ​ I think invites a much more connected integrated way of contacting and communicating experience.

A picture of Joey Salvatore, Counselor

Joey Salvatore

What I really love about BioGraffs is this way that clients can use this tool to approach things that might otherwise be hard to describe or explain. It provides an added tool of safety around communication. That's really facilitative for people to take it out of space and then take that conversation to the other parties. So they get to practice having, you know, highlighting some of their values on things like what do I what do I feel about sex or what I feel about my body or how do I feel about how my depression takes me away from my life and to be able to provide vocabulary to that it empowers them so they can use that empowerment in their lives outside.


In a clinical therapeutic or mental health setting, or as part of your own journey of self discovery and connection


"It was a good way to communicate something unique to me that is difficult to talk about and difficult to get other people to understand"

"I have never done one of these and I loved it! I think playing around with it is helpful - figuring out how to best arrange the cubes was a challenge at first. I am convinced that this could be a really good tool for my clients, as well"

"A very effective, and fun, way to have difficult and/or constructive conversations for personal work or for corporate org development/team coaching. Great for personal visioning, sorting of priorities, needs, wants, and actions to move forward! I experienced some very “aha” moments that shifted some old thinking. kind of blew my mind actually… in a good way."

"It's really effective to have to quantify values/desires/whatever - asking how much I care about this or that in relation to other things made me consider more deeply what I valued or wanted. Very informative & illuminating."

"Biograffs is an amazing tool for self discovery, understanding, and communication. Making one really helped me know myself and advocate for myself better. I highly recommend!"

"BioGraffs is amazing! I have used them both personally and professionally. Personally, when I BioGraffed "grief", I was able to see clearly the reason I was "stuck" in my grief process. Immediately after completing the BioGraff I began to feel the flow of healing again. A very powerful experience! I now am excited to be able to offer this tool to my clients."

"There is something playful about it even when telling a difficult story. That made it easier to get in to."

See it in action

Check out our Gallery to see BioGraffs people have made,

plus videos of their thoughts on what their BioGraffs means

and reflections on the process.

Learn more about the history of BioGraffs and the process.

Get your BioGraffs set to and get on the road to 

better communication and understanding

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