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BioGraffs Event Package

Specially designed for university wellness events.

It's eye-catching and unique, a fun and thought-provoking interactive installation that has had fantastic success at a number of universities already. If you’re looking to help your students navigate issues related to relationships, sexuality, and self-image and identity, AND communicate better, this is something that will draw them in, and get them participating.

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About the Package

It's the Graphic Sex Project  -- BioGraffs' University Event Package, designed to be am easy-to-facilitate drop-in installation, AND it can also be a workshop - it’s a bit quirky and super unique - It invites people to think deeply about aspects of their experience with sex and relationships and other aspects of their personal life, and then use little colored cubes to make mosaics that express really personal things.

The draw is an eye-catching display with 100 thought-provoking pictures of BioGraffs mosaics that students have made at previous Graphic Sex Project installation events - so people can walk around and look at these images – talk about them, think about them - and be inspired to then make their own.

You'll also get 100 prompt cards on relationship issues, sexuality, identity, body image, consent, and more. 


Enough materials for up to 25 people at a time to make their own: cubes, pens, stickers, and templates.


Lots of materials to guide participants, like posters and table tents, plus take-aways on communication and how to use what they have created to have better conversations with partners about personal topics.

PLUS a slide presentation and script to have the event workshop-style

PLUS a manual and personal consultation and training for your facilitators.

This event is like nothing you've ever seen before, and will get your students both laughing AND talking about their needs, preferences, boundaries and comfort levels.

Browse through a few of the 100 unique BioGraffs made by participants (used with permission) - that will come with your package

highschool hookup
last relationship
what I did_952x680
freedom in love
trans lesbian_edited
dreamy hazel eyes
dream reality
3 encounters
trans lesbian
saturday afternoon_edited
talking about our days_edited
told sex is bad_edited
trust doubt_952x680
post mortem
warm and soft_edited

Like to hear more about it? Schedule a free discovery call with creator, Jen Beman

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