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Getting Unstuck

Joey and I were talking the other day about what's the best use of BioGraffs in therapy with a client, and Joey of course totally nailed it. He called BioGraffs a "sticking point breaker-upper."

Your client comes in over and over with the same story. You feel like they are talking in circles. They seem to have breakthroughs in session, but the next week they are back with the same story again.

BioGraffs is a transformative approach to guiding your clients toward new narratives -- and it gives them a physical visual token to take away.

Inspired by the wisdom of Michael White's narrative therapy, BioGraffs is a bridge between the known and the uncharted, a visual narrative therapy method that can gently unhook the grip of repetitive tales, by externalizing a new perspective. Visual Mapping

Imagine the power of mapping one's life journey through the visual, using touch and metaphor and experiential creation. Biograffs provide a platform to reconstruct personal narratives in collaboration with clients. A mix of biography and graphics, it encourages clients to step out of the confines of their story and witness it from outside themselves. It's externalization through an alternative pathway to talking. Through this creative process, clients can detach, reflect, and reimagine their experiences as an observer rather than a prisoner of the narrative.

Narrative Therapy Reinvented: Michael White's Influence Michael White's narrative therapy embraced the art of reframing stories, empowering clients to shift perspectives and craft new meanings. BioGraffs dance in harmony with this ethos. By visually representing their life experience in small moments, clients can reflect on moments of resilience, growth, and change. It becomes an experiential journey, a dialogic exchange between therapist and client that cultivates insights unattainable through verbal discourse alone.

Stepping into the BioGraff Journey So, how does one dive into the world of biograffs? Picture the therapist as both guide and co-creator. The process involves engaging clients in mapping a difficult aspect of their life, either chronologically, emotionally, or aspirationally. Colors, symbols, and imagery and juxtaposition become the vocabulary of this canvas. The therapist's role is to facilitate exploration, asking questions that unveil hidden intersections and pivotal chapters.

Through BioGraffs, clients reframe their stories as multidimensional sagas, seeing beyond the confines of past repetitions. It is a shared voyage, an endeavor that transcends words and travels through colors, shapes, and lines and connections.

Embrace the Uncharted

In the realm of therapy, as in life, embracing the unknown is a transformative act. BioGraffs are an invitation to therapists to step outside conventional methods and into uncharted territory. The journey might be challenging, but the rewards are profound: stories untangled, perspectives broadened, and growth ignited. Stuckness unstuck.

Through BioGraffs, we co-create visual narratives, honoring both the struggles and the triumphs, and proving that the map of one's life can be as diverse and intricate as the colors on a canvas.


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