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Couples: Our Sexual Flow


An introductory sequence for couples on using BioGraffs to talk about sex. This five-session sequence covers: My Favorite Sexual Flow; My Sexual Values; A Great Sexual Time Together; A Fantasy; What I Get and What I Want. This sequence is perfect for couples that want a fun date night activity that's more than just fun - it's a way to talk about sex outside the context of sex, for a new perspective. Eye-opening! It's also a really productive activity for a sex therapist or couples therapist working with clients. This will help them look at their sex life from the outside, gazing in. Consider their sexual selves from a new vantage point. The cubes and whiteboard add an element of playfulness, fun and curiosity. It gives them a way to be open to what their partner creates and shares.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


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