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Unlocking Authentic Connection: How BioGraffs Transforms Communication

This blog post was written by a human without AI assistance!

BioGraffs has two steps to power: think about it... talk about it. BioGraffs bridges the gap between words and understanding. You know how sometimes you are talking about something important to you and the other person is either: thinking about what they are going to say when they get a chance, interrupting you to push back or "correct" some little part of what you are saying, or really just not getting your point? BioGraffs helps!

You make a BioGraff and now you have a roadmap for what you want to say. You've thought about this story you want to tell, and now the cubes keep you on track. The other person has something visual to follow your train of thought. It invites curiosity - what does it mean? Bring them on this journey with you!

Do you sometimes go off into detail about one aspect of importance as you are talking, and then you've lost the momentum in the big picture story or the conversation gets sidetracked? BioGraffs helps! While you talk in detail about what this one purple cube means, your listener sees the whole context of your story and how this one aspect fits into the whole. They can SEE that the purple cube is a small but not inconsequential part. Imagine you have a BioGraff about your relationship and the purple cube stands for this one annoying habit of your partner. While you talk about the annoying habit, your partner can see all the other positive cubes, standing for positive things, so they are less likely to feel defensive while you talk about this little purple cube. You can talk about the purple cube without feeling like you are making the one annoying habit a bigger thing than it is in the scheme of your relationship.

And then when you are done talking about the purple cube, you have an easy way to segue back into the main track of the story. You just say, "and then this red cube means..." You get to say everything you want to say in its entirety, with all its complexity and contradictions in full view. The structure of storytelling gives you the floor. And then if your partner has also made one, they get to do the same while you listen.

BioGraffs changes the shape of the conversation from "give take give take give take" to "giiiiiivvvvveeeeeeeeeee taaaaaaakkkkkkkeeeeeee." It slows the conversation down so you each can really hear and absorb each other's perspective.

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