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BioGraffs can help you to help your clients gain real insight

Find out how to use BioGraffs in session with a client to really slow down and access their inner stories.

You'll find out what situations are good for BioGraffs, what kind of prompts to give, how to explain the process (it's easy!), and how to work through it with them. 

BioGraffs can be used in an infinite number of situation, for limitless issues, in any helper modality.

This initial training webinar packs a lot in! In less than 15 minutes of your valuable time, you'll get a thorough step-by-step overview, see examples of BioGraff creation, and understand the type of situations where BioGraffs can help you help your clients.

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"One of the best tools I've ever used as a relationship and sex therapist. My couples and individuals love this! I use it in my personal and professional life to support hard and complicated/fraught convos."

-- Courtney, therapist

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